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Bead reaming problems

Sharron, See if you dentist will give you the slightly used diamond
bits. Dentists also use a bunch of steel burrs. My dentist only uses
them once and throws them out. You might also see is your dentist will
order some interesting polishing products for you. The dental supply
catalogs can be very interesting. Bill in Vista

hello all,

I think I forgot to say that the drill bits are not for a electric
flex shaft but one of those manual ones which Rio sells with the
different bits stored in the hollow handle. Sorry.


hello Sharron.

The use of diamond coated tool bits need a very high speed 30.000 to
100.000 RPMS for 1 mm tool. Also a very good cooling is necessary.
under water or a constant flow of water. Also the drilling tool should
be stable and the bead should be hold firm. no lateral movement is
allowed. With this high speed you may only give very small forward
movement. You should never feel that the tool bit is doing it work,
like a drill. the diamond particles let do the job. and if you have
enough speed 30.000 up you can give a forward movement of 0.5 mm. per
second. If you do it faster the diamond particles will be pushed in
the bead without grinding it. This means they will break out and there
is only a steel of the tool bit to do the job. and then there is no
grinding and it will break of.

I hope this would help.

Martin Niemeijer