Bead Blaster

Regarding finishes…the one time I tried sandblasting, it
turned out a dull pale grey - so I never tried it again . I
have used diamond burrs, but have been happier with satin finish
buffs. I have been wondering about bead blasting. I’ve heard it
gives the metal (silver) at frosted matte finish (which is what I

Can anyone recommend a good source for them (other than Rio



Janis - I get my Glass Beads (not sand) from a major painting
(like house paint) company. Glass Beads come in different sizes
and will make various imprints on the metal. The finer the
bead, the more matte finish. The larger beads make fewer
imprints and leave more shiny metal. Glass Beads are perfectly
round, not like sand which has jagged edges, so don’t spill any
of them on the floor… you’ll be ice skating! :slight_smile: I want my
metal more shiny so I use about 60-65 Lbs pressure and do a
couple short quick blasts at about 12". Good luck, ‘RED’

Hi Janis Bead blasting is the way to go, leaving a nice wet
looking satiny finish. I got my cabinet from Harbor Freight
tools. They almost always have a special on one style or another
of their bench top cabinets at literally a fraction of the price
of the jewelry tool houses. No I don’t own stock in the company,
though my students acuse me of this.

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