BBQ smelling beads-a solution to the problem

Hi Everyone,

I just read this post and thought- hey, can’t you put them into dry
baking soda ??

I was cleaning some silver with baking soda in a paste form and
re-read the side of the Arm & Hammer box…You can put an open box in
your refrigerator for odors–why not submerge the beads in a
container filled with baking soda for a week or so( in the frig.
they say 30 days)…This might just take away the BBQ smell…

But as John just asked–“Why do they have this smell anyway?”

Anyway, cheers from almost sunny SF,
Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan

Activated charcoal/carbon is even better than baking soda at whisking
away odors. Used to keep a tray of it in the back of the fridge after
seeing it mentioned on the Food Network. It really did work great.

You should be able to find it at a pet store. I think they use it to
make the filters on fish tanks, plus I think it’s got some use with
keeping pet birds.