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Basic wax modeling

Hi, I am searching for an out of print book.“Basic Wax Modeling” by
Hiroshi Tsuyuke and Yoko Ohba…I would like to purchase if you have
one to sell or know where I might find one…thanks so much, Jackie

Jackie, Try the bookstore of the Gemological Institute of America in
Carlsbad, CA. I believe I’ve seen it there. Good luck. Gary Strickland, GJG

Hi, I am searching for an out of print book."Basic Wax Modeling" by
Hiroshi Tsuyuke and Yoko Ohba...

Jackie, Try Metalliferous in New York. They had them in stock when I
was there this past May.

Donna Shimazu

Don’t know if the same thing but Amazon has:

Basic Wax Modeling: An Adventure in Creativity by Hiroshi Tsuyuki.
Hardcover (June 1999) Our Price:$37.99

Usually ships in 24 hours

  1. Practical Wax Modeling : Advanced Techniques for Wax Modelers by
    Hiroshi Tsuyuki, Yoko Ohba. Hardcover (June 1999) Our Price:$42.99

Usually ships in 24 hours

Jackie, “Basic Wax Modeling” by Hiroshi Tsuyuke and Yoko Ohba, and
their second book, “Practical Wax Modeling”, are again available.
Check out the catalog for TSI Inc. Both books are listed.
also lists them, but at a higher price. I got mine through a local
jeweler supply house.

From the Heart of Central California
Hopkins Fitzpatrick

Hi Jackie,

I’ve done a lot of sleuthing for used and out-of-print books on the
web. Sometimes it takes persistence to find what you want (i.e. a
pristine copy of Oppi Untracht’s massive tome for $65), but you can
always find it in the end.

My favorite sites for used and out-of-print books aRe:

I checked all three of these for the book you want, and found a
slightly different spelling for the title and a different spelling
than you gave for the author’s name.

None of the places I looked have the book at the moment, but Powell’s
(a HUGE used bookstore in Portland, OR) has a notification service
that will notify you when then get a copy if you ask them to. Go to
the Powell’s site and search for:

Basic Wax Modeling: An Adventure in Creativity Hiroshi Tsuyuki

I would also suggest that, when you search these sites, you try
various searches (author, main title, key words). Your book may be
there, but the author’s name or the title may be spelled differently
from the way you think it’s spelled.

For what it’s worth, my favorite site for comparing prices on new
books is:

I’ve bought lots of books on-line from both large companies and from
small individual bookstores. Books have been shipped to me from all
over the US, Canada, and the UK, and I have never had a problem or a
complaint about service. I usually use a credit card, but the small
book-sellers will generally take checks as well, and they will hold
your book until your check arrives.

Tracking down those special out-of-print books can become an
addictive passtime. Good luck, and happy hunting!

-Julia (in Seattle where the sun is shining and the impatiens are
soldiering on into increasingly colder nights)

Dear Jackie,

I don’t know about that one,. but try “Modeling in Wax for Jewelry and Sculpture” by Lawrence Kallenberg, published this fall by Krause
Publications. It’s at Barnes & Noble.

Michael Knight