Basic Prong Stone Setting Tutorial

Here is a new free tutorial I put up recently.



Interesting and helpful tutorial. But what I really want to know is if you
are still making those amazing animated dragons!


Thank you for posting the Purple Gold tutorial! I’ve always wanted to try it… I have a specific design that I’ve thought of for many years… and really want to give it a shot. Cheers!

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Hi Noralie,

I would love to concentrate only on those, but they cost me anything from 500 to 900 hours of work and absolutely not one gallery is even remotely interested in them. Out of 30 applications, only two responses saying ’ don’t phone us we will phone you’ -sigh

So every time I walk past my latest partially completed one, it yells out " Come and work on me!"
and I just get guilty and say " Sorry, no money bro ".