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Base Metal Casting


just wondering if anybody has experience with casting jewellery
(small) components in zinc or another type of base metal, other than
pewter. I’ve used pewter before but find it too soft for what I’m
planning so I thought as belt buckles are often done in zinc that
might be the solution any thoughts, a friend brought up the
possibility of people having an adverse skin reaction though it’s
likely I would get them plated as well so that doesn’t matter that
much. I’m also looking for a caster as well (preferably in canada)
I’m doing a somewhat limited run 100 pieces to start this is for a
charity series and I’m trying to keep the final price under $20

Aimee Kennedy

Dear Amiee

I have a customer in Quebec who would be able to help you - his name
is Danielle, the company is Ser Group, the office phone is

Ruth Ferrugio
Romanoff International Supply
1-800-221-7448 ext 110

Hi Aimee,

I have cast jewelry sized items using bronze - Rio Grande carries
about 4-5 different types of bronze casting grain. My favorite is
"Ancient Bronze" which is Rio Grande product # 706-051 at $8.75 per
pound (no zinc in this bronze), melts at 1850-1905 F. It also plates
easily, and takes a good patina.

They also carry nickel silver, but that melts higher (2400-2500 F).

This infor is from Rio Grande Tools Catalog 2006-2007.

Jon Steel, Sculptor

you may want to try tigold alloy from Hoover and Strong…but order
it pre- december 14th as they go on holiday after that date. It looks
like 14kt, acts like 14kt and costs less than silver and isn’t as
dangerous ( fumes) as zinc, in direct casting, and preforms
outstandingly well in vacum casting, or centrifugal casting ( as it
dosn’t tend towards porosity) An additional feature is that it does
not tarnish when kept in a sample case or stored away from sulfur
vapors, for over six months- the addition of a 3M anti-tarnish strip
will help keep it high polished, if that’s what you are going for in
a finish…

So as fluke I met someone this weekend who casts pewter which is
alloyed and the mystery of the “strong, solid pewter” was solved

so perhaps I was too hasty in eliminating it as a possibility in
either case I’m still wanting to hear any experiences positive or
negative with this material or anything similar

Aim=ee Kennedy