Barter Silver stock weight for weight?

Hello, I’m Sparrow, just recently rejoined with this list. I’ve been
lucky enough to buy out a retiring jeweller’s silver stock.

I have some things, where I have waaaay too much of, and would like
to barter for things I could use more. I’m willing to trade weight
for weight.

I have: LOTS (pounds) of step bezel in different designs, also
gallerywire in different designs

I would like: 26-22 gauge sheet
26-16 gauge round wire
22-18 gauge square wire
24-20 gauge pendant blanks

please let me know if anybody is interested in a trade


interested…is it .999 silver bezel? is there any plain strip that
is .999 do you have a picture of the gallery styles or patterns? I
have sheet, make sheet to order and have custom alloys. .i lost
EVERYTHING in hurricane katrina and the flood that followed so I have
to replace a lifetime’s collection of tools, equipment, supplies, as
well as house, studio, clothing, cookware…you name it i lost
it…anyway, i am very interested in bezel, ans probably other things
you may have acquired too. .I’m poor (i’m handicapped and live on
disability) but maybe we could work out some deal. And, I can always
refine your excessively ugly stock (i’ve seen some bad bezel pattern
and gallery wire in my time!) into whatever hardness guage or alloy
sheet, wire, solder or ingot you may want, please let me know. today
i’m in new orleans and have to travel back and forth between here and
a friends house in NC where i’m living temporarily - untill the house
and studio get sheetrock up, and i get a phone (landlines just
became available in this neighborhood over a year later!), and walls,
and a plumber finishes fixing the water to the house…so it would be
a week before i could fabricate anything, or get ready to fabricate/
refine anything. please let me know…thanks, rebecca

Hi Rebecca, I’m poor too,…so I’m sure we can work something out!
I’m going on a road trip and to a showfor a few days. When I get
back I’ll e-mail you with pictures and stuff. There is some fine
silver bezel too.