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Baroque Brilliance (My Finest Creation To Date)


Late edit: I just realized I put 22ct for the stone. It’s an 8.88ct. My mistake!


Hi Austin, I don’t have any shallow cut stones to show you but I did find one on the web.

Not that I think this stone is better just as an example of how additional facets on the crown can lessen the window produced by a shallow pavillion as well as reflecting light off of the facets giving it a lot of “flash”
Take a look at the facets (triangles) at the top, you will note that the tips just touch the other tips, they aren’t cut into another nor are they short leaving a line or ridge.
Take a look at John Dyers webpage he explains it well.
Please don’t think I am belittling your work, you have every right to be proud.
I would just like to have seen the gem cutter put as much effort into his job as you did with the setting.
At 8.8 carats you might consider (for future work) what arkaysilversmith suggests to bring the stone up allowing enough room to use a stone cut above critical angle and have maximum light return and brilliance.
What is important and the only thing that truly matters is that she loves the ring, don’t change it over someone else’s opinion. Jewelry is very subjective as long as the buyer/your lady is happy you did good.
Now get back to the bench and start on the next finest creation.


design is gorgeous! but i don’t like seeing her finger so clearly. these stone cutters must be on to something…i appreciate the opportunity to see this discusssion


I had to say something. I absolutely love this, most every ring I make someone says they like it but it a bit to much for them. I personally like my rings over the top. I love to see creators go so called over the top. Why not I say. You did a fabulous job!


I am absolutely overjoyed to hear this. Thank you so much!


How did you get such a wonderful black?


Just sterling silver hit with a 6in steel wire buff on the ring, then rouge one the prongs! After that, I just submerged it all in hydrochloric acid and tellurium!



Please excuse any typos-- curse my clumsy digits…


It’s very, very durable, but of course, the quartz is soft.


Oops. I meant the black. I think that your chemicals are basically what’s in Jax or Winox… but I wonder how that finish wears…

Please excuse any typos-- curse my clumsy digits…


It’ll last a few months depending on wear, of course. The finish is easily reapplied.


The huge window in the stone is not because of poor cutting. This is because the type of cut. This stone has no pavilion as a typical faceted stone has. Instead the back is flat like a cab. In fact I would call this a cab with a faceted top or crown. A stone of this type will always have a huge window. But on the positive side, a stone of this type allows you to mount a large stone in a ring without it standing up too tall off the finger.
So, don’t criticize the window in the stone. There is plenty of room for criticism of the poor meets of the facets.