Barbara Jardine - Stunning work

Hello everyone

Feel I just have to tell you about an amazing goldsmith I have just
had the priviledge to sit next to in a workshop course at West Dean
College here in the UK this weekend. Barbara Jardine M.A.(RCA) was
there alongside me learning raising and foldforming. She is so
lovely and self effacing that it took until the end of the course
before she would show me her work and I was just blown away by it. I
have never held anything so exquisite before. Her work is so finely
detailed with ebony and turtle shell carving, inlays and miniscule
set stones it beggars belief. There’s not much of her work to be seen
on the web but a book of her work has recently been published
'Barbara Jardine, Goldsmith by Judy Raymond and is available from
Amazon. The picture on the front cover gives you an idea. Does anyone
else out there know her work and share my sense of awe?

Have a good week