Bar Coding Job Envelopes

We have a studio with seven jewelers. We do some repair and a lot of
custom designing. I am ALWAYS looking for which jewelry has a
particular project. I am looking for a software system that allows us
to bar code our job envelops and then, using readers, trace the
movement of jobs through the shop. I recently saw the use of this at
the Rolex service center in Dallas. It was incredible.

David Gardner


My retail store did 9000 jobs a year, 5 jewelers, a waxer, polisher,
shop foreman

I sued Jewelry Shopkeeper. Will do all that and more.

Call me if you need some chat about it

David Geller

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Filemaker is great for this type of job. I am filemaker developer
too. If you need any help please email me…at @Tusif_Ahmad

Tusif Ahmad