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Bangle Bracelet

I have a bangle the customer says it just pulls apart to get on an
off but it’s stuck closed no matter what we do we have been unable to
get open. There is no indication of a button or anything else to open
it dose anyone have an idea on how to get it open without damage
customer has had it for 25 years.

Thanks for any help

Made By Hand

Just an idea, but have you tried soaking it in warm soapy water?
Agitate it several times. That method sometimes dislodges some tiny
something that may have blocked the catch. Try it more than once.
If the bracelet has been around for 25 years its had time to collect
all sorts of everyday gunk that dried to become a strong “glue”.
This works for me, and I hope it will help you. Joyce

Billy Bob,

If the bracelet was made in Mexico, you might try looking for a

If you find one - insert a pin, and while pushing on the pin, pull
the two sections apart.

I saw a lot of those while living down there. They also use it on
standard ID bracelets - the ones with a name plate and chain on both

They are just a variation on our “North American” box catches, but
without the exposed release tab or lever…

Brian P. Marshall Stockton Jewelry Arts School