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Band rings - The right material?


Hello all,

I’ve recently been asked by a friend-of-a-friend to make a pair of
wedding bands. This is something I’ve only really done for friends,
not a big part of my regular business, and I have a couple of
questions for anyone with answers…

This couple does all kinds of odd jobs like moving furniture,
remodeling houses, working on boats and docks, etc. and they really
want rings that can withstand almost anything but they’d like them
to have stones in them- does anyone have recommendations for using
titanium, platinum, white gold, yellow gold, etc. in terms of
resistance to deformation, scratching and so forth? I know I’ve
seen titanium rings with stones flush-set in them; is this
particularly difficult or would most people in the business of
setting diamonds take that in stride? I have a machinist who will
turn the titanium if we go that route but he definitely won’t set
the stones!

and a related question, they also have a bracelet with about 75 3mm
diamonds in it that they would like to dismantle in order to use
some of the diamonds in their rings, and they asked if there is a
good way to “unload” the rest of the stones- is there a good route
for people to sell diamonds off on a one-time basis like that and
actually get something reasonable for them?

Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks,
Julia Turner