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Ball chain

Does anyone know if there is anything to clean or make ball chain

Cherie Wilbur

Hello Cherie - I’m assuming that the ball chain you are describing is
sterling silver. Once, I picked up a liquid cleaning dip from a local
supplier of sterling silver chains. It cleans very bright. It is
called “For Your Silver” - made by JSP. I will leave the chain in
the dip only long enough to clean - not as long as they recommend on
the jar. Also, one needs to be careful of immersing stones (there is
a warning on the jar), and also, on my jar, there is a health hazard
warning (this solution is not healthy). I definitely shy away from
using these types of chemicals - but, when needed, this one has
worked well. I don’t see this particular product listed in a
catalogue. There are some newer, more “natural” solutions - but, I
personally have not tried them.

Another way to brighten a chain is to take a soft polish cloth that
has some type of polishing compound in it (like Rio Grande’s Sunshine
Cloth or something similar). Hold on to one end of the chain in the
air and wipe the cloth in a downward motion - repeatedly. This
should help. If you want the oxidized areas to remain - this way
works better to freshen. If you want the whole chain very bright and
clean - I would recommend trying one of the chemical dips (or now, it
looks like the solutions come in small spray bottles.)

Hope this helps your dilemna. :slight_smile:

Cherie, What type of metal is the ball chain made of? If silver,
then you could try the same trick that works on liquid silver –
using a soft cloth, rub on baking soda and leave in an airtight bag
overnight – to get in the crevices, you might want to toss a little
extra into the bag and shake it to make sure it’s coated. The next
morning, rub gently with a soft, clean cloth and it should look

As an alternative, I’ve found the baking soda, aluminum foil, and
hot water trick mentioned in other postings to be amazingly good on
silver (haven’t tried any other metals yet). Take a plastic or glass
bowl, line with aluminum foil. Place the item to be cleaned on the
foil, then cover with near-boiling water. Sprinkle in baking soda
and keep sprinkling until you get a reaction (fizzing and a sulfurous
scent). Let sit, turning the pieces periodically with a plastic or
non-ferrous utensil. Rinse and dry.

Good luck!
Karen Goeller

   Does anyone know if there is anything to clean or make ball
chain shine? Thanks, Cherie Wilbur

Hi Cherie, A magnetic pinpolisher will do a nice job quickly or you
can use a tumbler with steel or stainless steel shot.

Daniel Grandi

I agree with Karen about the aluminum foil/baking soda/hot water
method. I know it sounds like an old wife’s tale but it really does
work. It’s slower and more hassle than a chemical dip but it is

DanielBe Jewelry

Hi Karen! I’m not real sure what the material is. I know it’s not
silver. I bought about 30 dozen of “best friend” necklaces. The
charm is detachable from the ball chain (which is the necklace part).
I tried silver polish. It did help some but they remain very dark.
The ball chain is the same as is used on old fashioned lights. The
kind where you had to pull the “chain” to turn on and off.

I am going to try your suggestion of the baking soda and aluminum.
I’m hoping that they will (to use your phrase) look absolutely

Thanks so much Karen for your advise.