Does anybody have experience, suggestions, or connections with
the jewelers on Bali? How about non-jewelry things to do as well?
My family and I are going at the end of the year and we’ve heard
so much about it, but don’t know where to start. Thanks. Alan

hi, Alan- I have a friend that runs a beadshop- she went on a
buying trip last year. I’ll see what she knows, or who- Anne


Give Ray Gabrielle a call. I believe that he and his wife
Hannelore have travelled there quite a bit. If you happen not
to know Ray, he ownes a precious/semi-precious stone business in
Ohio. I don’t have his number, but he shouldn’t be hard to

Tim Glotzbach

Alan, I am so jealous. I have wanted to go to Bali for quite
some time. I have read that the artists village is called Ubud,
but I don’t know if that is where the jewelers are. A couple of
web sites to help you, Also, there was an article in a travel
magazine recently that listed Bali as one of this years best
travel bargains. Once you get there you can stay in a bungalow
for as little as $3-$5 a night. Food is also very cheep.
Apparently their currency is extremely devalued right now. If I
can find the article I will let you know what magazine it was

I hope you will share all of the details with us upon your
return. Deb

Dear Alan, There is a store on Sonoma Square called “Artifax”.
The proprietor travels abroad to exotic locales to buy his
merchandise. I believe that he has been to Bali many times .
Maybe he could be a resource for you. Unfortunately, I cannot
remember his name.

   Hope this Helps,  Eben

Hello Alan - I met you briefly in SF when I was there for a few
days last Oct. A lot of Hawai`i people do business with Bali - I
personally do not have any experience with travelling there - but
could inquire a bit depending on how much info you come up with. I
had the good fortune of meeting a woman designer for Georg Jensen

  • Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube (from Sweden) in 1997. She is now
    in Jakarta, Java. I will quote from the beautiful brochure that
    was given to us at the retrospective exhibit here - where she was
    featured as their artist of the year. (Decided to quote the
    whole section for her Indonesian Period)

“Indonesian Period 1978 - Torun moves to Jakarta, Java in
Indonesia and becomes a design consultant of a social foundation.
In order to provide creative work for young people she helps to
start a small jewellery workshop together with an Australian
geologist and opal cutter Mansur Geiger, two goldsmiths from
Jogjakarta and young apprentices from Jakarta. They learn age-old
methods: alloying gold nuggets panned in the river of
Kalimantan, making wire and plate, as well as cutting and
polishing agates from Java, mother-of pearl from Irian Jaya and
horn from Sumatra. The workshop is situated in South Jakarta
where she also lives nearby. At home in her studio she works on
projects for Georg Jensen/Royal Copenhagen. They include new
ideas for gold and silver jewellery, silver and steel cutlery and
glass and porcelain services. In 1992/93 a 45-year retrospective
exhibition “Les Bijoux de Torun” takes place at the Musee des
Arts Decoratifs in the Louvre,Paris. In 1992 the medal for
outstanding artistic achievement “The Prince Eugen Medal” is
bestowed upon Torun by His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of

I’m sure we all look forward to hearing about your travels. It
would be very interesting to visit an Indonesian production
company - they do much silver granulation. I’m sure you will
enjoy the beauty there and the people. Aloha Cynthia