Badeco vs. Foredom?

Hi all,

I am now in the market for a new rotary handpiece. Have any of you
used the Badeco with spring bar and, what do you think? I have used
the Foredom #10 for many years but they seem to wear out pretty
quick. I end up replacing it about once a year. I was just wondering
if I spend more on the Badeco do you think it will last longer? It
is twice as much money but, hey if it last 3 years it seems well
worth it.

Thanks for your time!
Lou (ASA settings)


I’ve had many Foredom hammer hand pieces over the years. The first
one that I purchased lasted forever. When I bought a second-- for
traveling and teaching- the quality had plunged. Internal mechanics
were faulty and the flat, anvil tips were hardened but not tempered
correctly. By the time that I discovered this, two of these tips had
broken off leaving the threaded portions inside the nose piece.

I have long since purchased the Badeco. I have had no problems with
it. It is more adjustable than the Foredom and made of sterner
stuff. I would only recommend the heavy duty version.

While all of my hammer hps have the duplex spring, which breaks the
handpiece and takes the weight of the shaft away from the hand, I
wouldn’t buy it this way again. My first one did not have the spring
and it actually was more pleasant to use. The spring is also the
weak link and does not like being bent in a “u” shape, which is often
hard to avoid. It also acts like an Epilady hair removal tool,
allowing arm hairs, head hairs and really long nose hairs to enter
the open spring and then, upon flexing, clamping down on these hairs
in the spring coils and yanking them out by the roots.

I’ve spoken to many other jewelers who also express their dislike of
this spring.

The best price that I’ve found by far is Sassounian inc. 1 800 544
4419. I think that I actually found the name through Orchid years
ago. They are fine to deal with. I should say that I bought mine 4
years ago or so and I’m unsure of current pricing. Since it is Swiss
it may be spendy now due to the weak US dollar.

Good luck,

Andy Cooperman

Hi Lou and all! I prefer using my Badeco hammer, if you were asking
that of me. I prefer my Badeco so much that I have TWO of them, one
at the shop and one more for home-work. Using my Badeco is like
having a “Rolls-Royce” at my bench…I have been using these two items
for years and so far, they have kept up with my setting. When you pay
the extra dollars, you know very well that in time of
"setting-pressure", nothing will ever go wrong with them…NOTHING !

I used to buy the other well known item and you just get what you
pay for…cheap dollars gives you cheap results…“Long live
Badeco”! the way for your inside “others” hammer, was
a plastic implement actuating the exterior metal anvil.With Badeco,
its metal AGAINST metal. Maybe they changed the ‘insides’ years ago,
well this is now my only choice!..Gerry!

Hello Fellow Orchidians,

While we’re talking about Badecos I wonder if anyone knows of a web
source for instructions on the use and maintenance of these handsome
little workhorses. Mine came without and I’ve always wondered if I’m
missing anything in their proper use and care.

Trevor F.

Yes Charles Stuart tel 1917 825-2314.