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Badeco hammer handpiece versus foredom micromotor hammer hand piece


i have the badeco hammer handpiece, and was wondering if the foredom micromotor hammer hand piece is demonstrably different…on the softer hit end

any feedback would be greatly appreciated


In my reply to your question, nothing comes close to perfection, as this fantastic Bedaco-Hammer. When you adjust for the “softest, hitting power”, this hammer is all that you need. I can easily use my Bedaco Hammer on (soft) Genuine Emeralds with no problems. When you buy this apparatus, you need no other type of hammer!
Does this answer your important question? Gerry Lewy!

Hi Gerry!
thank you!
p.s. i sent you a message about onglettes heels via your blog, did you recieve it?

i am contemplating getting a micromotor…saw the foredom kit with a handpiece and hammer…was wondering about it…or the kit with just the handpiece…versus the nsk evolution…trying to figure out which handpiece is more petite…my hands are on the small side…



ok, i wanted to mention…i have been advised that the foredom 1050/1053 micromotor handpiece is slightly smaller than the nsk handpiece…

and that i can use my gravermax as a hammer handpiece, with modified tips…


Mr Lewy, I agree. I repair handpieces in Brooklyn New York. The Badeco Hammer handpiece is a precision tool made by Badeco In Switzerland . Great product. The owners are dedicated to perfection of their tools. If you need further info reach out to me as far as handpiece recommendations. 1718 339 26440 Charlers Stuart