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Bad Sales at shows

Some one said,

Maybe the question we should all be asking is how we can
interest younger people in getting into this hobby

I’ve heard this comment applied to several different hobbies,
usually ones that require a modest amount of mental activity &/or
monetary input.

My question is this, it’s a hobby, why the h— do we have to
sell anyoneon it? (Unless ofcourse you’re a peddler & have got
some sort of ax to grind. Nothing deragatory intended; if it
weren’t for the dealers & suppliers were would we get our stuff?
Without them it would really be a hobby for the wealthy.)

The philosophical question aside, it is a very rewarding
endeavor & I’ve learned a whole lot, increased my skills & made
some wonderful new friends because of it.

I think we should tell the rocks, gems & minerals story to the
youngster’ s, not because we need to get new members for the
club/hobby; but because we need to pay back the world/Supreme
Being for giving us this enjoyment & challenge.

My 2 cents worth.