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Bad Experience with

Geo and all-- I hope you will not allow the negative comments about
Thaigems cause you to “tar them all with the same brush” when it
comes to buying stones online. (Translation for non-native-speakers
of English: treat everyone the same because of the bad behavior of
one). I have ordered quite a few stones from
(usual disclaimer) and have been very happy with them. The pictures
on the site are excellent representations of the actual stones. Only
once was a jasper browner when I expected redder. Anyway, I’m sure
they’re not the only honest site out there. --Noel

** Hanuman’s Response **

Good point Noel, My employer site that has the same fetures. True
descriptions, Correct imaging and Gemologist review of each stone.
Since it is my employer site I am in a position to offer 5% Discount
to Orchid members. Sorry for the self promotion…I just get my
salary :slight_smile: