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Backward letter stamps

Does anyone have a source for letter that stamp backwards? I need to
stamp some mold frames so that the molds are numbered right and read
right when they come out of the mold. Current letters are backward in
the mold surface. If would be wonderful if I could find a set that
wouldn’t cost a fortune.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson
TR the Teacher
T.R. Hawkinson, Ltd

Todd, Have you checked out the Thomas Register,
(, or the online McMaster-carr catalog? these
are both great sources of suppl ies and tools for just about

The Thomas Register has 94 different product headings containing the
word “jewelry” and several hundred companies listed as manufacturers
and this is a very minor section!

hope this helps your search, Jerry.

Hi… Hit one of your local Industrial Supply houses… Stamp
manufacturers make reversed sets as a standard item…letter and
number sets… They are known as “Reversed Face”…

Full letter set s/b around $50-$80…number sets are much less
expensive (only have nine stamps is why)…come in different
sizes… You can order individual stamps from most manufacturers
also…but most suppliers usually stock the full sets…

A couple of manufacturers: Hanson and Young Brothers…and there
are others…

Gary W. Bourbonais