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Backpacking across Europe [yak]

To One and All,
I’ll be leaving the list shortly, as well as the Country, to travel
and study in Europe. It has been great reading all the threads and
occasionally contributing to this Global Community. Thank you for
giving me insight and idea’s.

I'll be traveling from July 4 to August 25, starting in Iceland, and 

ending in Ireland. I would enjoy meeting any of you along the way,
so if you have the time and are near any of the places I’m visiting,
please let me know.

Here is my tentative Itinerary:

Iceland, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Bucharest,
Sofia, Istanbul, Greek Islands, Paris, Edinburgh, Ireland.

Almost Goodbye,



Sounds like a great trip. I became interested in jewelry making
over 20 years ago on such a trip myself. I ended up in Athens,
Greece with $10.00 dollars in my pocket. I had a guitar with me
and played music every night in a taverna and ended up supporting
myself that way for 3 months. I guess that pretty much prepared
me for this precarious life of self-employment. Watch out for the

Hope you have a great trip.

Kenneth Gastineau