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Back Injury

DeDe–I have had back trouble caused by an auto accident 20 years
ago. Been through three operations for bone fragements, scar
tissue, and four discs removed. Used to take 4 to 5 Percocet a day
for pain. After the last operation (4 yeears ago) I started walking
3 miles a day and doing leg pulls with 30 pound weights and some
other exercises that help. (Only 2 Percocets in last three years)
Most doctors will have a pamphlet of suggested exercises. I have a
tens unit like someone suggested. I used it only when the pain was
so severe nothing helped. I was pain pain free while using it.
(Great machine about the size of a pager) My only fear was that I
felt so good I was afraid I would do something stupid. You guessed
it—do not have to use it anymore. People used to ask me how back
pain felt. My response was “Ever sprained your ankle and tried to
walk on it? That is how back pain feels all the time”. Believe me
DeDe there is no substitute for exercise. Take care of yourself–I
always enjoy your posts-- Earl in frigid Colorado