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Back in Hospital

Hi Group,

My legs are acting up again so it is back into hospital for me.
Have fun folks. I’m scared as hell!

Warmest Regards,


Good Luck Steve and Get Well!

Hi Skip, our thoughts are with you. Hurry back and get better.
Tom Arnold

Don’t be scared. We’ll all be thinking of you. Good Luck.

Sharon Z.

Good Luck, Skip and best wishes from me and my family, hoping
for a speedy recovery and quick return.

See you soon,
Terry Swift

Sear Skip

Wish you quick recovery. I’ll visit some tempels in Laos and
offer merits on your behalf. It might help :slight_smile:


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Best wishes.

(I have a copy of a Chinese herbalist remedy supposed to be
good for ailing joints. Once belonged to a Tai Chi Ch’uan
bulletin board and this came across. Ifn you want it I will be
pleased to find it and post it to you)

Bill in Vista


Sure would like that Chinese remedy for ailing
joints…Appreciate your time & efforts. Dale Foster Diamond
Designers Texarkana, AR USA Phone: (800) 488-3141 Fax: (888)

Hi Skip! My thoughts and prayers are with you! Best of luck!
Mollie in Brevard NC USA

Greetings Skip:

Wishing you all the best and hope to see you soon back on the
net. Get well pronto!


Hope you get back on your feet real soon. Good luck!

Aloha Skip, Hope everything works out well and you are back
soon!! Best Wishes for a Speedy Recovery, Christian Grunewald
Precision Modelmaking Hawaii

Skip, Best of luck. I will send you healing thoughts. Get well
so you can visit me at that art fair in La Grange. I think it is
the second weekend in September.

Deb Karash
Rockford, IL

Skip, don’t know what the problem is with your legs, but good
luck, and let us all know how you make out.

Sharon Holt aka @bootsie

Dear Skip,

I am sending you all my positive energy, full blast, it may blow
you back in your chair. Its filled with the best of my good
thoughts. Use it as you will, I hope it helps.

Good luck,
Mark P

Skip Meister: Hey, I hope you get better soon. I must have missed
the earlier post. What is wrong with your legs??

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

Medical science accomplishes absolute wonders but when things go
wrong with our personal machine, it’s just plain scaryey! Good

Marilyn Smith ICQ # 9529587
Indiana, USA, east of the Mississippi and west of the Appalachians

Hope all goes well and you are out and back at it very soon…


Please get well soon, and remember we’re all wishing you our
best and praying for a gem of a recovery!