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Back from Wildacres

Hi, all! I’m back from my beginning faceting class at Wildacres,
and I have 329 Orchid emails to read, so I am out of touch with
current threads. But I want to thank those who gave me info about
Wildacres and surroundings. I confess I’m a little puzzled by
whoever it was who said to take snacks-- I haven’t eaten so much
since I was in a college dorm. Three gigantic, nourishing, well
prepared meals a day (with the exception of the hot dogs a tater
totts meal)-- I don’t know when anyone would eat a snack.

Anyway, I had a great time, and made a good start on learning
faceting, which I would like to continue. I only finished two
stones, but that’s a little misleading, because I cut each of them
more than once!

It is very different from classes at places like New Approach or
Revere. Much less intense, much more communal. And I bet it’s even
nicer when there isn’t a hurricane nearby and the power stays on!

I definately recommend it, and hope to try William Holland next
year. Anybody who wants to hear more can feel free to contact me.