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Back again from Cincinnati

Hi All,

I resubscribed after a hiatus of two months while I was moving from
Houston, Texas to Cincinnati, Ohio. Somehow my post didn’t make it
in, so I’m trying again. Two months without Orchid and I feel

Are there are some other Cincinnatians on list who can share some
local sources for cut stones, rough and/or supplies. I’m planning
to go to Columbus, Ohio next weekend for the International Gem &
Jewelry Show. I’ve been told it is much smaller than the show in
Houston but I’m hoping there will be a boulder opal dealer there.
Does anyone go to that show or have any suggestions for alternatives?

I’m glad to be back!! Thanks,


Nancy Bernardine-Widmer
Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry

Try Opalcentric in Bondville,Vt.They are in Australia now or are on
their way back… They have wonderful opals from all over Australia
and are wonderful to do Business with,

Tina Heaney
Tim Birdsall
P.O.box27,Bondville VT.

Hi Nancy, I live in Columbus and have been to this show several
times. First let me say they have this show at least three times a
year and I have never been to the Fall show. The Spring and Summer
shows are basically the same so I would expect the Fall show to
follow suit. The main difference I’ve seen is that the Spring show
follows on the heels of the Tucson shows so everyone is fully stocked
on everything. You should find no shortage of boulder opal there.
Its one of my favorite stones and I can never resist buying at least
a couple. Let me see if I still have my records from the Spring show
this year. I got an incredible deal from one of the vendors and I
would be happy to send some more business his way.

Have Fun!