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Azure inside of bezel

I just finished making a pendant by setting an aquamarine in a tall,
18kyg, 18 ga. bezel. I set 2mm diamonds around the circumference of
the bezel using a rub-over method to set the diamonds. I was pleased
with how the outside of the bezel turned out. However, despite my
best efforts, I wasn’t satisfied with my azure (azuring?) efforts on
the inside of the bezel. Next time, I’m considering drilling small
pilot holes for the diamonds and azuring the back of holes in the
circumference of the bezel before bending the gold into the bezel
shape. If I keep the pilot holes small, I’m thinking that any
deformation will be minimal when I form the bezel. Then, after the
bezel is formed, I can further open up the holes, cleanup the back
(minimally), cut the seats, and set the diamonds. Does this sound
feasible, or is there a better solution?

Thanks for your help,