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Azure for gents ring


Here is novel way to create an Azure! This is going to be a two
piece ring, once cast…

Gerry Lewy


Ooh I like that Gerry!


Azure for a Casino-styled Gents ring!

The ‘inside pattern’ is only limited by your imagination &
creativity. It will put you into a better opportunity for sales. They
will know that you ‘care’ about your designs & how it fits.

I want my high-end rings to slide easily on & off the persons
finger. This is without any remaining ‘digging in’ caused by constant
wear on the skin.

Gerry Lewy


I want to see it when is metal. That looks like a cad pic. There’s
gonna be some cleanup there and it will have to be grown not milled.
Should prove exciting. Matrix has things like that programmed in as
azures. Have fun


That Casino Styled Gent’s ring has that extra pizazz that raises it
above the regulars. That’s important in marketing your creations to
the crowd you have selected to serve. Thanks for sharing. That’s a
full house of a ring!

Barbara on a blue sky sunny day on the island.


The price depends on the center stone. We can use a 5, 5.5 or 6mm
princess center.