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Azure cool tool

Holding small things to saw pierce or azure is always difficult.
Saw a very cool tool awhile back that solves much of those problems
and I want one but can;t find one anywhere. 

Thanks Mark,

When I saw that tool in the video, I stopped and went to make just
such a thing.

Holding stuff when sawing and setting is sometimes tricky and I
avoid wax and jet set if I can.

I hope it comes out, but here is a picture of the first one.

5 mm square steel and drilled and tapped with 3mm screws.

The wood is from those paint mixing thingy’s you buy at the hardware


You’re welcome, Hans.

It’s rewarding to see such an immediate favorable response by so
many talented folks! How is your tool working?

Brian, thanks again for carrying the flag on this!..fwiw, yesterday
I grabbed a pair of grooved diamond tweezers and the thought popped
up that maybe with the new tool, it would work better IF there was
some kind of mild recessed groove running the length of each side of
the hardwood, or synthetic material?..and make replacements when
those wear out?



Brian, I would also love to have one of the guillotine/parallel
clamps when they are available! Many thanks.

Emie Stewart