[Available] Titanium square rod

For the very first time we have Titanium Square Rod! Grade #2 (read
as hard) ballistic titanium. This titanium rod was made to be
fragmentation rods in a Sidewinder missile. It’s surface is rough,
has some forming seams and will need touching up with files and
sandpaper. It does clean up! In a large vise I have twisted it and
then formed it into bracelets. It can be hot worked, just a lot of
clean-up. It is somewhat straight but not totally. The corners are
slightly softened. Random Lengths 6" to 27" .140"/3.556mm limited


I used to do a lot of hot forging of titanium, it forges beautiful
at bight heat and can produce beautiful results.

There are however two snags, when heated to the necessary high
heats, a nasty pale yellow fine powdery oxide forms on the surface,
so wear a good mask while forging. Also ventilate well. When it comes
to finishing the piece do not use files until you have removed all
and I mean all the embedded oxide as it will ruin any file

I learnt to forge the pieces somewhat heavier and used roughish
lapidary wheels, carborundum preferably, with lots of water to remove
the surface with the oxides. Dont even think of using hydrofluoric
acid unless you want serious ostioporoses, it replaces your calcium
with florine! Spelling? Remember titanium cant be soldered but can be
welded with tig / argon welding.

If you can find carborundum fingers to remove oxides from the
insides of rings, would be helpful. Then you can revert to filing and
emery. Matt finishes look great, it will take a high polished finish.
Then colour.

Best of luck.