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Available Equipment

Hi folks, I am retiring and moving and although I will always retain
my interest in making jewelry I have decided to sell my entire
casting setup and also my vibratory finishing outfit. The gear is
unusually complete and is suitable for a small production shop or
advanced home studio. The casting shop includes the capability for
vacuum assist, vacuum chamber, and centrifugal casting and the kiln
has an automatic controller attached. Complete wax modeling and
moldmaking equipment is included. The Vibratory outfit include 20
lbs. of mixed stainless steel shot which if you haven’t used it
produces a brilliant, hard, and slow to tarnish finish on sterling.
The bowl will easily accomodate 60-80 pieces. The size and weight of
the gear and my physical condition will preclude my preparing it for
shipment. Obviously the most economical way to get it is to take a
short vacation in Florida and pick it up. If anyone is seriously
interested you can contact me offline at @Hal_Holzer1 and I
will email you a complete inventory.