Availability of small faceted black stones

Hi all. A question regarding stone choices. I need to locate - Black
[rich color like onyx] semi precious setable [bead/claw] faceted
1.5-1.6mm dia stones. Black diamond is too expensive as items are in
silver and require 50++ stones. Crystal might be an option but will
they withstand setting pressure -i expect not. Onyx not faceted at
such small size? Smokey quartz not solid enough color. Black Spinel?
available in this size? Regards to all -from the south pacific. cjh

The newest Stuller gemstone book (mine was delivered today) lists
faceted black spinel in rounds, incrementally sized 1.0, 1.25, 1.50,
1.75 etc.

Black spinel is opaque, takes a great polish and should work fine
for your project as I understand it. The price per stone seems
nominal to me.

Rick Martin