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Austrian Crystal Beads


Hi All,

I was wondering about Austrian crystal beads. I don’t know much
about them, but I have a design in mind. Does anyone know who is the
best source for good prices and a large selection?

Thank you,
Marcia Green / Rough and Ready Gems


Dear Friend: is a good source. They just had a sale for
June but check out the site as their prices are good. Also,

Regards, Audie Beller-


Also try Rings and Things at They have better
prices than with no minimum order like Also, they have several good color charts,
although no site that I’ve found has a complete chart of all
Swarovski colors.



Try Rainbows of Light - they have a huge selection, and really good
prices, but there is a minimum order because it’s a wholesaler.
Their website is

– Leah