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Australian trip

Good morning,

My wife and I will be traveling to Australia at the end of Jan/2012.
We will be staying in the Gold Coast area and would like to make a
trip from Adelaide to Coober Pedy and then on to Alice Springs We are
not stuck on going to Adelaide if there is a better way to get from
Coober Pedy to Alice Springs. Does anyone have any suggestion for the
best was to travel this route i.e. tour company names etc. Must see
Coober Pedy & buy some opal!!! Can we fly directly to Coober Pedy?
Thanks in advance for your help.



Looks like Adelaide is your best bet to fly to Coober Pedy (Regional
Express Airlines) although an 11 hour coach (bus) trip is another
alternative. Adelaide is a pleasant city and while there you can take
a half or full day to visit McLaren Vale or Barossa Valley if
interested in wines.

You’ve chosen the hottest time of year to go to the outback so I
hope you are not coming from a cold climate in January. January this
year they had 30 days over 30C and 16 of those over 40C (peaking at
47C). You might consider staying at one of the underground motels.
Check this site

Safe travels,


Must see Coober Pedy & buy some opal!!!! 

Everyone I know who bought opal in Austalia paid more than what they
would pay in the U.S.

Unfortunate thing is all the opal I see bought in Australia has been
lo= w quality. I am sure you have seen good quality opal, so I hope
you fair well in your quest.

Richard Hart G.G.
Denver, Co.

Hi Gerry,

Looks like it’s the Greyhound bus.

Regards Charles A.