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[Australia][Source] Hallmark Stamp

Greetings all, to Rex or anyone in NSW; where can I get a
hallmark stamp made up, preferably cheap. I think this is the
right name for it; a signature stamp perhaps…?


murky, For Hallmarks, Try Bill Dorman in Goulburn Ph/Fax: 02
4821 6966. or AA Abbott South Hurstville or Oatley area make very
good quality hallmarks but not so cheap.


Hi Murky, most of the jewellery supply houses such as House of
Jewellery, Fordels, Seivers et al will get special makers’ mark
punches made to your design. I don’t know what they would charge
for this service. GA Miller and Sons are excellent die-sinkers
and specialists in this sort of work. You could give them a call,
9638 4222.

The other alternative is to call the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths
Guild of Australia. They are very active in promoting their
members’ hallmarks and they might know of suitable die sinkers.
Try calling Chris Sherwin on 03 5984 1287. Hope this helps, Rex