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[Australia][Camberra] Jewelry Schools

hi all, I have been reading and learning a lot from you. I am a
begginer bench jeweler and I plan to continue my studies. I would
like to do this in Australia, more precisely in Camberra. could you
give me some on schools there?? thank you very much, chao
lili, now freezing in Uruguay

Hello Lili, Canberra, unfortunately, does not a have a wide variety of
places where you can learn bench Jewellery. There is the School of
Art (part of the Australian National University) if you want formal
studies. They have a web site (I can’t remember it at the moment).
Other places include night-time classes at various areas - mostly
southside. These are run on the school semester terms and cater to
varying levels. They are not formal lessons, there is no degree or
graduation, no formal qualifications. The only other options are
travelling to and from Sydney/Melbourne to learn at the facilities
there. If you want more about Canberra, please drop me an
email off list. Eileen in an overcast Canberra