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Auflux and ring bending pliers

Hi All, I have recently been following the posts about flux and
reading old ones in the archives also. I have become interested in
trying out various fluxes and am wondering about one I have seen in
an Australian Jewellers Supplies catalogue - it is called Auflux and
is sold in a 200mL bottle and I think is claimed to have 100mL per
litre of borax in it. Does anyone know anything about this flux and
what applications it is best used for.

Also, can someone describe to me how ring bending pliers work. I am
wanting to make some rings using 2mm (or thicker) S/S sheet with an
approximate shank width of 10mm. Another time I made similar rings
and found it extremely difficult to bend them - is this the sort of
thing ring bending pliers can be used for?

Thanks :slight_smile:
R.R. Jackson

I would bend silver this heavy by using a leather or paper mallet
and hammering it over a ring mandrel. With a shank that wide, you
probably should use a step mandrel. If you don’t have that, flip it
to a different end after annealing. You do anneal don’t you?

Marilyn Smith