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[Auction] Metalwork & milling tooling

Hello Orchid,

Some of you may be interested in this auction, though it is solely on
line, of metalworking tooling and equipment that is both new and
used. I am in no way associated with the auction or it’s promoters
but thought that those in business, looking to branch out into
allied fields, or with school affiliations may be interested in some
of the items listed. You must register to bid and once completed you
remain registered until you cancel- it’s free to register but certain
auctions require a percentage down to bid (refundable if you don’t
win the item). These things attract bidders worldwide so if you
really want something you have to be attentive and prepared to spend

  • knowing what an item is worth before even placing the first bid as
    i have seen some items sell for more than their cost brand new (with
    some items not out of production nor hard-to-find). Anyway, I
    thought some of you may want this … you can also follow
    the links and register yourself for auction alerts using jewelry
    making equipment, or metal working as key words for the auctions you
    want to be informed of. I got some great used Itallian chain making
    machinery for less than 300 dollars and resold it at considerable
    profit (right when gold jumped to $800.00 a Tr. oz). So opportunities
    are there for great jewellery making equipment if you keep up with
    the announcements…rer


CNC Tooling Auction with Troy Industries Inc starts on February,
11th 2011 and ends March 02, 2011 @ 6:22 PM USCT.

The items offered in this auction are not being offered live.
Bidding closes on March 02, 2011 @ 6:22 PM USCT, unless otherwise

To go directly to the the event details page for this auction click
the following link:

Preliminary auction

Metal Working Tools: NEW & USED CNC Tooling, Modular Indexable
Tooling, Indexable Cutterheads, Carbide Coated Inserts, Milling
Tools, HSK100A, HSK80A, HSK80C, HSK63A, HSK50E, CAT40, CAT50, & live
tooling holders, Heat Shrink & End Mill Holders, & much more.