Attn John Burgess friends

To all of John Burgess’ friends –

I just found out that he and his wife Jean were in a terrible auto
accident several weeks ago. They are both going to be OK (broken
bones and very sore from seat belt trauma, but alive!) He is now at
home with a broken ankle, Jean still in hospital with leg broken in
two placed and pinned.

I think he would be delighted to get a bunch of get-well cards from
his Orchid friends!

His address is


Thank you, Margaret Malm! I appreciate your letting us know why
John has been so quiet of late. I sent him a get-well message and
will pray for his and Jean’s rapid recovery. Orchid is not quite
the same without our Orchid Treasure - John Burgess.

Judy in Kansas

G’day all.

I am now up and about and getting well after the accident, although
Jean, my wife is still in hospital with four pins in her leg which
was broken in two places, and we both suffered severe seat belt
trauma - otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this! Suffice it to say
that we had to be cut out of the car. I have no recollection
whatever about what happened. I remember sailing gently along a
quiet road with no traffic, on a Sunday afternoon drive and the next
I remember was being hauled out of the (now roofless) car by nice
gentlemen in red and yellow pinnies! Thanks to the belts there was
nothing life-threatening, but we are both covered in painful
bruises, had concussion, and I have a broken ankle. Our Government
Accident Compensation people swung into action before I left
hospital - they came to me - and have given me sufficient home help

So all is going well, but I really want to thank all of you for the
kind wishes you sent; I wasn’t going to say anything! I feel both
humbled and flattered by all the kind words I received and am
grateful to this wonderful and happy community, with special thanks
to Hanuman. Can’t be rid of me that easy; I’m a survivor!

Cheers for now,
JohnB of Mapua, Nelson NZ

Hi John:

Good to hear from you again, and to hear that both you and Jean are
recovering from what sounds like a very traumatic accident.

Best wishes
Phyllis Richardson

Three cheers for you John and we all hope Jean is up and better soon
as well.

Many happy thoughts from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL!

Hi John!

I would like to wish you and your wife a speedy recovery!!! Glad to
see that you’re back on line!

Warmest regards
Rita Telaak


It sounds as though you and your wife survived a terrible accident!
I am so happy to know that you are both going to come through this

Best wishes,
Josh Powell
Coyote Canyon Web Domains

Hi John Burgess,

It’s wonderful to see you are posting again. This Orchid community
has missed your sage advice and knowledge. Many good thoughts of a
full and rapid recovery for you and Jean.

Judy in Kansas

Actually another day to celebrate. The first was the heartstopping
notification on November 9 that John and Jean had been in a horrific
traffic accident and were in hospital but alive. At that point not
much was known and I lived on eggshells for days before being
reassured there was no life threatened, just pain and suffering.
Well, today I see John’s first post to Orchid on a working topic -
carving wood and lucite - and I know for certain he is back to his
wonderful self, clear of eye and mind, and ready to carry on. THANKs
be given to all the gods and fates responsible for keeping him with
us! He still has much knowledge and wisdom to impart, and I look
forward to many years of reading his posts and receiving his letters.
That cat hasn’t used up his nine lives yet! Welcome back dear friend.
We’re all purrrring for you.

Pat Hicks

John, If all of the Orchidians you have helped/assisted over the
years were to offer there best wishes, the net would ‘clogged’ for
days and days!! The best for you and yours in a speedy recovery.

Jim C