Attn: Ed Colbeth [Undeliverable Mail]

Ed Colbeth- I tried to e-mail you twice, but the address as you
gave it was undeliverable. Since the subject follows a thread
here, I’ll copy it- but this might be the reason you were missing
some mail.

"Ed- Thanks for your message about the live center for a wax
lathe. I still don’t know how to make the live center- is it
glued into the acrylic? Is it made from a steel ball and a brass
cone? Are they welded together? How does one keep the handpiece
in the hole cut out of the latex? Would it work to drill a hole
down from the top edge of the acrylic through to the circular
hole, then insert a long screw that would put pressure against
the handpiece? I’d appreciate any plans or details you can give.
How careful need I be that everything is perfectly lined up?
Have you ever turned metal rods in one of these lathes? " Ruth

In my last post, I meant to ask, "how does one keep the
handpiece in the ACRYLIC (or lucite)? Wow, I sure do get things
confused some times…Ruth