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Attention: South African Jeweller's

To all South African Maufacturing jewellers

This is to let ppl know that there has apparently been legislation
change in our lovely country for the issuing of jeweler’s
permits…The SAPS is no longer issuing our permits…but there has
been a new government organisation created for this purpose, The
Diamond and Precious Metals Regulatory Board. It now cost R100 and
there is a huge application that you have to make with details like
your business plan which needs to show how your business will be BEE
complient…there are a whole lot of other requirements
(rediculous requirements as far as I am concerned).

This is official in terms of the SAPS, meaning if u call them they
will refer you to this new organisation, but if u call the South
African jewellery council they will tell you what they told
me…that as far as they know this new legislation was still in
draft and that they have not been informed of the passing of this new

Please be aware of all the changes and note that from now on the
applications take between 14-30 days to issue from date of

I am giving this info because in reality I dont believe that this
bill helps us as applicants in any way and certainly makes it
difficult for the jeweller to be an artist apposed to a business…

Will keep all updated as Ia m in contact with SA Jewellery council
and the SAPS about these new developments…

Take care


Here is the lastest update on the new South African Legislation for
jeweller’s permits:

After many enquiries with the SA jewellery council, we have now
confirmed that this new legislation has been passed and is now being
regulated by the new department…

As for the business plan pertaining to BEE regulations…this is not
applicable to any business that does not turn a profit of R5

This was all confirmed by the CEO of the SA jewellery council and I
have the legislation if anyone would like to read it…