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Attention BenchExchangers


From Elena Moore:

I am the granddaughter of a jeweler who (from the '20’s to the late
’60’s) created jewelry for movie stars & such in Los Angeles. In his
later years, he built a “shop” behind the house & his customers came
to him (as opposed to him driving to Los Angeles).

I am one of 18 grandchildren who watched “papa” wield his trade. We
swept floors, sifted dirt through a sieve, smelled ammonia, squashed
coins in the metal press, shined old discarded settings, and steamed
everything we could find. Nothing seemed to phase him… he just
continued to work. Summers passed, he was always there working but
somehow we couldn’t crimp his style.

It was a childhood filled with memories of him, great memories, and
I took time to look at each and every bench displayed on this site.
And, finding these benches as real and as untidy as life truly makes
them, a flood of memories has overcome me.

I cannot tell you how clearly this has brought back memories which
span decades of my youth. I recognize sooooooo much. I only missed
seeing my grandfather at the bench. This is overwhelming… and I
certainly would not take the time to write and thank you had it been

To all of you, thank you. There will be people in your lives who
remember your creativity, your committment, and your bench. It may
seem odd to you that these pictures bring life to the far reaches of
my memory, but they do. Profoundly so.

I will read this site, as best I can, in the months ahead… just
because it interests me… not because I am a talented or creative
person. Thank you for sharing… and most of all, thank you gor
giving this moment to me. I am overwhelmed.


I am overwhelmed".

Dear Elena

And I by your beautiful words - big lump in the throat and
difficulty seeing . We are many of us solitary creatures at our
benches - in our lairs - and the human contact offered by Orchid is
important way beyond all that we learn from it. Thank YOU !


 And, finding these benches as real and as untidy as life truly
makes them, a flood of memories has overcome me. 

Wow!! Thanks for passing this on, Hanuman. I’m really moved! I
have appreciated the pats on the back from Orchid members who enjoyed
the BenchExchange project. I never anticipated it would have any
impact or influence outside our little (?) world. Memories of my own
grandfather are so fleeting, I would love to have an experience like
this that brings them back with all the textures and fragrances that
would make them seem almost real again.

If you’re listening, Elena, thanks for your eloquent note. A
delightful and certainly unexpected outcome from a quirky little
idea. Ya gotta love it! :wink:

All the best!
Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)