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Attack? (missing portion of post)

As all of you have probably noticed by now, Eileen’s quote did not
show up on my post. I don’t know why, it was certainly there when
I sent the message from my ‘outbox’ as I checked it before posting
it. Anyway, so as to hopefully avoid having it deleted again I
will type it out myself below. The message should have read "She
noted that…

Attack dissolves cured epoxy & polyester resins. It contains
methylene chloride, which has been shown to cause cancer in
certain laboratory tests. So be aware & extremely careful! It is
volatile, will evaporate fairly quickly. Use in a well ventilated
area, don’t breathe it, don’t get it on your skin. I use a clean
glass jar with a tight fitting lid & pour in enough Attack to get
to the glued area. The can I have has directions on the back. I
use my copper tongs to handle the piece fresh from the Attack

Then I went on to say “Since health and safety”…etc.

Make more sense now ? Hope it all comes through this time!

Sorry about that!