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Attachment sender Read-me

Actually,I think you are the mail I deep getting with problem attachments,no?
I try to download them as text but no luck.I could try to leave them on my
server to go back and decode later,but they are unsolicited.My opinion is
attachments should not be sent to an E-mail list unsolicited.It really
increases the download time.This is no problem when I am in New York with
unlimited server time.But I often go overseas and the servers,and the hotel
phones charge by the minute.Consider to ask the group if they wish to
recieve your download or have sent directly to them rather than the list.
If your logo is the attachment,see if your E-mailer has a "signature"
feature.If not download Eudora for free.

                                   Mark Liccini


I havn’t sent any attachments to this list. I use Eudora and my logo is in
the signatures. I have noted that the duplicate of John B’s messages are
screwed up a bit spacing wise. Lines are run on, moved around, etc. We
shall see what happens in the near future.

John Dach

John Dach and Cynthia Thomas
Maiden Metals
a div. of The thirst for knowledge,
MidLife Crisis Enterprises like that for water
PO BX 44 must be slaked.
Philo, CA 95466