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Attaching tips to Smith SilverSmith torch

I just received a Smith Silversmith air acetylene torch, with lots of
tips as a present… Only problem is that it did not come with any
directions and I am puzzled as to how to attach the torch tips to
the handle. With my faithful, old Prestolite, I merely screwed them
In. Tried attaching one of the tips of the Silversmith to the handle,
but decided that before I ruin it to ask how it is done properly.
There is a knurled disk on each of the tips What is its function?

I was told that all I had to do is to push the tip into the handle.
Tried that and it fell out… Time to get an expert opinion.

Alma Rands

Easy one, Alma.

Push the tip into the hand piece and rotate it around clockwise a
couple of times. Then tighten the nut clockwise until tight. That
should lock it on. ok?

Ruthie Cohen

Alma, They were right (up to a point). You just push and as you push,
turn slightly until it stops. Then TIGHTEN THE KNURLED DISK TIGHT.
Its what holds the tip on. One more important thing. Each time you
pick up the torch, check the disc to insure it is tight. Sometimes,
if you change a tip (or someone else uses the torch) the disc does
not get tightened down (or it loosens itself) and when you light the
torch, you get a big whoosh of gas (read - flame) right at the

That is why I tell my students never open the handle control valve
more than one full turn. Should, for some remote reason, you get the
whoosh, you need only turn the control valve one turn - off and the
flame will go away. One turn of that valve is full open anyway and
more then one turn gives you no more gas!!

Cheers and enjoy your new torch from Don in SOFL.

You just push and as you push, turn slightly until it stops. Then
TIGHTEN THE KNURLED DISK TIGHT. Its what holds the tip on. 

You’re talking about the SilverSmith feul/air torch, right? I’m
confused because that’s the torch we use where we teach (plus I own
one, though I use my Meco now) and you don’t need to turn the tip.
You just push straight in, aim it the way you want-- it can point
any direction-- then tighten the ring. You can turn the tip, before
the ring is totally tightened, til you’re blue in the face and it
won’t stop. Do we have different torch bodies??


Noel…Yep, I’m talking about the Silver Smith fuel/air torch. Nope,
I don’t mean you turn the tip to tighten it (as my with my old Victor
fuel/air torch). What I mean is turn it as you push it to the botton
because its easier to do. Many of my students are women with very
little hand strength. If they tried to push it straight down, the "O"
ring would resist and they would not be able to get it in far enough
so the ring could engage the threads. Doesn’t have anything to do
with turning it to tighten it.

Sorry if what I said was unclear.
Cheers from Don in SOFL.