Atlanta Beading Workshops

I’m checking for a friend- Does anyone have recommendations for
learning beading techniques in the Greater Atlanta area? -Iris (in San

Are you looking for BEAD SETTING or Pearl Restringing?

David Geller

What kind of techniques? There are at least 3 bead stores in the
metro-ish area: Brina Beads in Buckhead ( Beads by
Design in Marietta (770.425.3909) Beadazzles in Sandy Springs
(404.843.8606) I teach wire basics at Brina Beads, and they offer
several other classes as well (the class schedule is on their web
site). The other two stores also offer classes–I believe that
Beads by Design focuses more on weaving techniques- (off-loom, as I
recall–it’s been a while since I’ve been in there). Beadazzles has
a variety of classes. Brina’s is the only one located inside the
Perimeter (I-285). But BBD and Beadazzles are both just a little
bit outside it, with pretty easy access to either store. Hope that
helps, let me know if you need more info! Jill (in huuuuuumid