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At the age of 42


I am learning to make jewelry at the age of 43. I took an
introductory class at FIT two summers ago and want very much to
go back to school full time. Unfortunately circumstances do not
permit me to do so, and I cannot attend night classes right now.
So I am taking classes at private studios one morning a week. It
is so exciting! And fun! I love it. I just finished a course in
chasing and repouss� with Valentin Yotkov in the great borough
of Brooklyn, NY. I am so sorry it is over. He is a masterful,
knowledgeable, kind, patient teacher - with a sense of humor-
and if I hadn’t signed up with Cecelia Bauer Studio for classes
that are starting next week, I would have continued at
Valentin’s studio for at least another session. He is a master
at his craft, and will show you how to do anything that you ask
him to without hesitation. I just wish I knew at the start of
the session what I know now, having a better understanding of
chasing and repouss�, as I now have MANY more questions to ask.
I wish I had started doing this much sooner, but I am glad that
I am doing it now. Rather than wondering if I am too old to
start, I wonder if I will have time enough to do all the things
I want to. I haven’t been this interested in something in a long
time. The only thing that comes close is my discovery of
computers a few years ago. I taught myself to use them, fix
them, set them up, and now do repairs, tutoring, advising, etc.
and mostly get paid for it (if it’s not for a friend or
relative). I thought about going back to school to get a degree
in computing, but I do not feel a passion about it as I do
metalworking. I could probably make a lot of money at it, but
that is not my motivation. A friend of a cousin of mine majored
in computer science and was making VERY good money programming
for a wall street firm. She hated it. The money did not make it
worth her while. She quit, went back to school to study music
and is now playing the violin in and orchestra. She doesn’t make
much money, but it is enough to live on. And she absolutely
loves what she is doing. Gail Middleton