Asterated Rose Quartz

i had to do this a few years ago, and someone online in Orchid was
able to fine it for me, i am searching for an asterated rose quartz
oval or round, 8x10 or larger.

years ago i had a beautiful one, it had to be sized, shop was in
ahardware store in albany ca, it moved before i could come back for
it and i still after 30 years, miss it. thus i now have this
desire to collect the rose quartz with a star. the pinker the
better … i do have several white, the problem i have is they are
very deep stones, and i have yet to figure out how to design a
mounting for a ring for them. i can only do so much with silver
wire crochet.

i do freeform wire wrap, so i can get cracking with that, but i
would love to be able to find a couple more.

pat moses-caudel
wild poppy designs…

to add one more request, a stone no smaller than 8x10 in a smoke
grey with the asterated star. mom had a ring that was given to her
at age 18, she is now 78, and when her home was robbed 2 years ago
that ring was stolen. she had been told it was a star sapphire. i
knew it wasn’t as i had been wearing it, and after having hit the
ring, way before i was making jewelry, i took it to be sure the
stone was ok. file cabinets and stones don’t always mix. the
jeweler was kind but gently told me the gold was 10 k and the stone
a star quartz. i saw no reason in telling her this, as she loved
the ring, and thou mom has alot of sentimental thoughts, monitary
fact would have spoiled the enjoyment of the ring for her. i was
set to inherate it anyway…no problem. (course a sister wore and
had the stone checked then told her the value…the twit) in any
case, i would love to be able to replace that ring for her. so. if
we can onlycome up with a smoky star quartz, it would be cool. i do
have a white, highly domed…as i mentioned… pat