Assembly question

Hi - I am making a square ring from an existing round ring. Should the solder join be in one of the corners or in the centre of a side? Is there a convention I should be following? Thanks for your experience

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I would put it along the side so as not to stress it but I’m not sure really. Are you forming it on a square mandrel?

A photo or a drawing would help. Can you post such for us to get a better idea?

Don Meixner

I don’t know that there is just one answer. If you make the solder seam on a corner that corner can look different from the other corners.

If it were me I’d solder it on the center of a side.

But either way will work


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I think I’d put the existing round ring solder join into a corner of the square, for simplicity and plus it behoves you to do a conscientious corner solder.

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I would do the same. After forming the ring, I would probably anneal it and then maybe go back and res-older the joint depending on how it looked. You might have to use some binding wire depending on how thick the stock is, but annealing is important. Good luck…Rob

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The first thing I’d do is heat the ring so that if there is an original solder joint it will show up in the oxidation color change. If the ring was cast and there is no solder joint, then I’d try to shape it without cutting it at all.
If the size doesn’t have to be changed: anneal, hammer, repeat.
If you have to alter the size significantly make sure to cut through the original joint if there is one.


Thanks all! As there doesn’t seem to be a hard and fast rule - I think I’ll put it in the solder join in a corner. I will use a textured finish (which will hide imperfections).
FYI I’m using 18ct white gold and finding it difficult. It seems much harder than 18ct yellow and the solder does now flow so easily. In the reading I’ve done this seems to be a common issue.
I still have to make a bezel - I’ll persist with fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Yes, 18 kt white is much harder to bend than 18 kt yellow. Good luck!! Let us know how it works out.