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Aspect ratio for making chains


How to Determine the Aspect Ratio for Making Chains

Go to this site for info on aspect ratio


Thought I might add a little.

  1. Aspect ratio = inside diameter of loop / wire diameter

  2. Inside diameter = wire diameter X aspect ratio

Take the wire diameter and inside loop diameter you are using now
and figure the aspect ratio using # 1.

Use this aspect ratio and the wire diameter you would like to use to
figure the new loop diameter using # 2.


There is also much additional chain maille available
from the source at Click on
"For Our Students" on the left.

John Fetvedt


Can highly recommend the link below! I use it often and find it VERY
helpful! John Fetvedt is a GREAT teacher if you want to learn chain

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio