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As a jeweler, need better cash flow?


If you have old merchandise and it’s over 2 years old you’ve lost
more than you could ever recoup. Each day goes by means you’d have
to keep MARKING THE PIECE UP to come out even. I learned this in
stock trades. If you have Dell at $50 per share and it drops to $25,
it would have to DOUBLE to come back. What’s the chances of that? A
$100 ring (cost $50) make you fifty bucks and if it sold in a year.
Reorder and sell another one next year, now you’ve made another $50
for a total profit of $100. Year three? Made a total of $150 gross
profit over 3 years on a $50 investment. HOLD THE RING for three
years and the only way it can make it self up to you for not selling
is this: You’d have to mark up the $100 ring to $200 (double the
tag), that way you’d make the $150 gross profit. Possible? I don’t
think so. Cut your losses before you lose another $50 this year. Two
things to do: A. I hadn’r heard anything bakc so I beleive this
company still will do the following (got this from a Poly person
last year): Send your old jewelry, mostly gold, to Goldwerks, Inc,
Michael. 718-361-6646

He’ll take your old gold, refine and make you new chain and charge
soemthing like 75 cents to $1.50 per gram to make you new chain. And
this is stuff that’s a fast seller. Michael says if you send 500
grams of scrap he’ll send you 500 grams of gold chain. The other
thing again is if you do shop work send it off, get the old stuff
turned into findings and sizing stock. This will stop or slow down
the weekly checks you write to findings company. This could be a BIG
boom cash wise. Quit worrying about “I hate losing that much on the
band”, you’ll never make it up and this might just help you. David

David S. Geller
JewelerProfit, Inc.
Making the world a richer place, one jeweler at a time.