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Hi Everyone, I need some advice. I did a retail show in Chicago
at the Navy Pier a few weekends ago, organized by a group called
ArtStreet. They said there would be 140 to 150 quality
exhibitors and they expected 50,000 people to attend. When we got
there to set up there were only 40 booth spaces marked in a
exhibition hall that would have held 5 times as many. The
weekend got worse as fewer than 500 people paid $4.00 to enter
the meager show. I spoke with the Navy Pier event coordinator
and found that they could have cancelled the show and got their
deposit on the space returned a month before the event (which was
one month after applications and slides were due) My point is,
if they only could get 40 applications, shouldnt they have been
obligated to cancel the show if they couldnt fill it? I do not
hold them totally accountable for the lack of people as they did
advertise but their ad’s could have certainly been in better
publications if they would have had entry fee’s from 150 rather
than 40.

What qualifies breech of contract? How can I go about checking
into someones track record and history before I get involved with
them? I’ve been doing shows for 15 years and have never picked
this bad. I feel like a rooky.

Any advice for the silly girl?

 OKlets talk about promoters because it's how many art
jewelers make their living. 

I have promoted shows myself and I can say they are difficult and
financially risky BUT there seems to be a new breed of promoters
and hucksters that are no more interested in their vendors
(artists) then the man in the moon. They have little or no
knowledge of the jewelry craft or any craft for that matter.
Their ranks and organizations are populated by power hungry
individuals that are more interested in enforcing every tiny
ridiculas rule rather then the overall result for their vendors,
who by the way pay ALL the bills. The more amature the
organization the more rules they have,the bigger the
contracts,and the more unflexible the terms of the show. Many
have lots of money in their coffers and fear no one that might
pursue them with civil litigation, much less of our starving
artists! Their interest is in publicity for their croneys and
themselves and seem to be coonvinced that THEY and not the
artists that are responsible for their particular extravaganza.
I speak from experiencelots of it AND I can truly say the the most
dirty of deeds was perpertrated by the show with the most
credentials!!!I can’t tell the story here but I have printed the
entire blow by blow story that evry artist/jeweler should be
familar withI sure wish I would have known in advanceWhen one of
these show horror stories occur, with a little organization and
unity the showing artists themselves could demand reparations or
never show again in that particular show. Its very easy to do
just ask the teamsters. For that blow by blow description of
greed and power gone astraysee the archives of the WIREWORKER I
think it’s issue 7 or 8to get it go to

Preston J.Reuther
been there done that

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tlee, You might want to check out a publication called Sunshine
Artist. They put out an audit book which lists the 5 year tract
records of over 5000 shows. They also have a monthly magazine
which rates and lists shows. reach them at or 1-800-597-2573

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